Car Rental Terms: Renting Age

- Economical Group: 21 age and up
- Premium Group: 24 age and up
- Luxury Group: 27 age and up
- Applicable to all groups: Minimum 2 years of drivers license is mandatory

Rental Length
Rental length is min. of 24 hours and vehicles can not be returned on Sunday’s. If in any case of delay for 3 hours or more it’ll be charged by the amount of daily fee.

Second Driver
For a second driver to use the car his/her driver license needs to be registered at the beginning of the contract. Otherwise the insurance will be invalid and the driver in charge will be held responsible from all charges.

Traffic Fines
All charges due to violation of traffic rules during the rental period will be paid by renter.

Depending on the reservation car segments you may reserve a car online by filling out reservation form and paying a specific amount of deposit. All reservation claims will be answered within 2 hours.

Payment and Deposit
Renter must have a credit card issued to his/her property during rental. From this credit card, excluding the rental fee depending on the segment of the car renter may be charged a specific amount of deposit.


Service and products included in price

• Compulsory Third Party Liability (traffic) Utilization of Insurance and Accident Insurance Coverage deductible
• All prices include accident insurance deductible. Deductible accident insurance covers collision damage. The damage caused by collision will be covered varying according to the vehicle group as far as the customer's part to be specified in the contract, he shall compensate the damage. Insurance will not cover damages caused wihout collision (parking lot, tires glass headlight damage)
• Unlimited mileage and VAT are included.

Utilization of insurance coverage in the following cases will be invalid and will remain outside the scope of the insurance and loss will occur :

• If the vehicle is driven by someone else then the renter stated in the contract,
• If in any case the vehicle will be used outside its purpose (overdose usage, to drive the car with flat tire, usage of faulty fuel and etc.)
• Usage of the vehicle outside the limits of traffic rules (speeding, run in the red light and etc. To drive the vehicle under influence of alcohol or drugs,
• Any damage or accident by the load carried in the car,
• Careless and incautious use of the vehicle (adjusting the speed according to road conditions in rainy weather, at least a safe distance in front of the vehicle to be followed and other similar uses),
• At any terms of accident occuring or thievery which is not informed by the customer by getting intouch via the phone number pre-provided, or absence of the incedent site (excluding the medical cases under supervision and report of a doctor),
• In an accident occurred within the past 48 hours requirs official reports (traffic and alcohol report) - if the vehicle is stolen and the original key can not be delivered,
• Despite the end of the lease period without consent and submission of the vehicle,
• at any damage occured at the car or at someone else because of the freight,
• Tyre, window or headlights are excluded from accident Insurance deductible,
• 3 parties, the amount of financial compensation arising from damage, the scope of mandatory liability insurance coverage is guaranteed. At any case tenants will be responsable for the exceeding the amount of coverage limits.

For the insurance to be applicable :

• Traffic accident reports and alcohol reports shall be stated immediately at the scene of the accident and the nearest turibo office has to be noticed within 48 hours.
• If the accident has occured double-sided; counterparty's license photocopy, photocopy of the insurance policy, driver's license photocopy shall be provided at the scene of the accident by the tenant.
• If the tenant is under influence of alcohol, drugs, speeding over the legal limits or if the tenant is %100 ragged, the tenant will be responsible for all the expenses.
• If in any case the reports are missing or not provided by the tenant then the insurance will not cover the expenses.
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