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Privacy Policy " Turibo Tourism - Taşımacılık San. ve Tic.Ltd.Şti - Turibo rent a car " here by you may find company policy regarding usage of your personal information in this website, security, and sets out the rules for the protection.
" Turibo Tourism - Taşımacılık San. ve Tic.Ltd.Şti - Turibo rent a car " commits to protect the privacy of personal information . Personal data is a data provided by the visitor or third party websites/ uesers while using our website . For us to fulfill your demands please do provide your personal information under the terms of privacy policy.
" Turibo Tourism - Taşımacılık San. ve Tic.Ltd.Şti - Turibo rent a car " has the right to update the privacy policy if needed . User should visit the website to understand if any updates had occured since your last visit in which the privacy policy starts from 01.12.2012.

What data we collect
turiborentacar.com only collects data provided volunteerly. These data will only be collected if stated services are asked for:
• Booking via website
• Subscription of newsletters
• Got in touch via our contact form

Booking via Website
turiborentacar.com collects the renter name/surname and contact info during booking. turiborentacar.com may ask you to provide cardholder’s name, card number, card type, validation date, security (CVV) number interms to secure booking. The provided data will be processed by using 128 bit SSL to keep your personal data secure and none of the personal data provided by the user will be kept by turibo.

Data to be collected
Everytime an user visits turiborentacar.com the user will be tracked by using a cookie. This cookie will help us to understand our returning users. This file is not a command file or a virus. This is a specific definition and it can only be read by the server that set the cookie. The only purpose of the cookie is to understand the returning user by the web client.
Çerez'in amacı; sizin o siteyi yeniden ziyaret ettiğinizi web sunucuya bildirmekten ibarettir.

How do we use the cookies
By taking user consent cookies will analyse behavior onsite. Cookies will pass out data for web applications. Cookies keep the track of your visit data. By the help of this data we’ll keep track of website traffic and improve user experience. This data will only be used for statistical purposes and will be deleted. You may allow or deny usage of cookies. Most browsers accept cookies automatilcally but user may change its settings. You may not be able use the complete function list when cookie is disabled.

Data collection policy
Everytime you visit turiborentacar.com some technical data may be collected. These data will be collected via your browser and are as follows; IP address, operating system, IP adresiniz, işletim sisteminiz, tarayıcı bilginiz, ekran çözünürlüğünüz ve sayfamıza yönlendirildiğiniz web sitesi gibi bilgilerdir.

What do we do with the data we collect
We collect your data to understand your needs and provide you the best service we can as listed below:
• To keep our customer database.
• To offer price, make a reservation, view reservations, shift or to cancel
• Let you know from our promotions via email
• To answer your questions and suggestions
• To improve the quality of website service.

We do our best to insure your privacy while renting or organizing a reservation via turiborentacar.com by using the latest technologies. All personal information provided by our customers are encrypted by using SSL technology. Transactions are done via secure servers. This operation offers these security privilages: Authentication : This assures your personal data are passed in a secure and accurate way Encryption: All the personal data provided by the subscribers will be encrypted and it’ll only be stored in secure servers Data Integrity: Verification of the passed data.

Links to other websites
Our website may contain links to third party web sites you may be interested in. After leaving turiborentacar.com, please be aware your security and privacy is not under guarantee of turiborentacar.com. Privacy policy of Turiborentacar.com are excluded in third party web sites. Lütfen ziyaret ettiğiniz bağlantı sayfalarındaki güvenlik ve gizlilik politikalarını inceleyiniz.

Verification of your personal info
You can limit the collection of your personal data. If you have approved usage of personal data in prior and you do not want us to collect your personal data please kindly send an email to this info@turibo.com